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10 Reasons to Live in Andorra

  1. Tax Free Living

According to external independent surveys, Andorra offers the lowest overall tax rate in the developed world. Income taxes are zero as are corporation taxes. There are no wealth taxes. There is no inheritance tax.. Sales taxes are very low at 4%.. There is no capital gains taxes. There are local property taxes which amount to around 0.05% per annum. Andorra has introduced some property capital gains taxes on property bought and sold in Andorra in an attempt to contain the enormous inflation in property values experienced through the last couple of decades. Andorra has signed TEA agreements with France and Spain but has not signed with the UK, USA, Canada and Italy as well as many other g20 states. Andorra has not signed doubled tax treaty agreements with most of the g20. As Andorra is a zero tax state this presents no problems to residents of Andorra. (Please consult with an “on” or “offshore” financial advisor if you need more information of any of these tax matters).

  1. Ease of Residency Application Process

The residency application procedure in Andorra is inexpensive, straightforward and generally quick. Government requirements are relatively minimal versus Monaco, Dubai and Singapore. There are a variety of agencies which provide low cost services to assist expats with the process and any document translation required. Once the paperwork is in place and lodged with the immigration authorities, applicants can expect a processing time of 6-8 weeks after which they are free to reside within the principality and take advantage of all the benefits of tax free residency. If you need a VIP service which includes translators, wealth management consultation, fast track application process please get in touch with us via

  1. Central European Location

Andorra is approximately a 2 hour drive by car to Barcelona, Toulouse, and Perpignan, as well as the beaches of the Costa Brava and Tarragona. It has direct connections to airports in Barcelona, Reus and Gerona, along with the French airports in Toulouse and Perpignan and there are a variety of transit services including shuttle buses, chauffeured limousines and Helicopter service. Entry to Andorra will be further enhanced by the opening of the Pyrenees Airport in the nearby Catalan town of La Seu D’Urgell, approximately eight kilometres from the Andorran border. This facility will have direct connections to major cities in Spain and the UK commencing in November 2012 and is scheduled to expand and include other major European capitals from 2013..

  1. Skiing and Mountain Activities

Andorra offers a world class mountaining venue with all the activities associated with this. Activities range frrom skiing to mountainering to ice climbing to motor cross to mountaiin bikling to hiking to 4×4 exploring.

February 2012 saw Andorra, Grandvalira-Soldeu successfully host “The 2012 Alpine Ski World Cup for Women”. This is one of the most important international competition circuits in the world along with the Winter Olympic Games and the World Alpine Ski Championships. The circuit is staged annually and held at first class ski resorts capable of offering the correct level of challenging course design.

Andorra tourist authorities have invested heavily in snow cannons providing a good cover of snow no matter what the weather tries to dictate. For many ski enthusiasts artificial snow isn’t the same as the naturally falling snow but for families and residents the guarantee of ski conditions is a welcome development.

Andorra boasts excellent ski infrastructure having invested considerably in recent years. Notably Andorra boasts minimal waits from ski lifts which sets it apart from its Alpine rivals.

Andorra has two main ski areas, Grandvalira and Vallnord. The Grandvalira area contains the inter connected resorts of Soldeu and El Tartar and the lively Pas de la Casa. A big advantage of staying in the Grandvalira is that they are all linked together via an efficient lift system, offering 193km of pistes on the full area lift pass. Pas de le Casa is a lively resort, which suits younger skiers looking for lively nightlife with groups of friends.
Vallnord’s total ski area is 93kms. Its resorts are Pals, Arinsal (interconnected) offering a range of skiing for beginners to enthusiasts alike and Arcalis which has a large free ride areas suitable intermediate and off piste enthusiasts.

  1. Life Expectancy

Andorra has one of the world’s highest life expectancy rankings. More than 80% of the country is natural wilderness and it’s well known as a retreat for sufferers of respiratory and bronchial illness. Andorrans live an active, alpine lifestyle and have a healthy cuisine influenced by Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese residents; all of which combine to make them one of the healthiest nations in the world.

  1. Weather and Scenery

Andorra manages to escape the sweltering summers of Spain and while it’s warm and sunny, temperatures in summer rarely venture above the 28-32 degree range. The country is home to a variety of national parks and numerous trekking paths through beautiful mountain scenery. The alpine tourism industry is well catered for, with a variety of companies offering everything from guided and escorted nature walks, to quad bike and helicopter tours.

  1. Low Costs of Living (Relative To Other Tax Havens)

Costs of living in Andorra are not high by European standards despite its fiscal paradise status. There are a wide range of apartments, penthouses or villas and chalets to suit all tastes. Purchasing costs and outgoing expenses are not by any means excessive compared to other European cities, and a fraction of the cost of other comparable tax havens. Duty free prices on a range of goods help keep retail costs down, and there are a variety of bars and restaurants catering to all budgets. Government and local community costs are negligible and most services and labour expenses are very reasonable.

  1. Political Stability And Low Crime Rates

Andorra has an ultra low crime rate and no political stability issues. Its small population, mountainous nature and high standard of living mean that locals have very few security issues and the country is extremely clean and safe. As a co principality, Andorra was formerly jointly governed by the residing French President and the Catalan Bishop of Urgell who remain by convention the legal heads of state; but Andorra has had its own independent democratic government since 1993 when it also joined the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

  1. Duty Free Life

Andorra’s duty free nature means lower costs on everything from cosmetics, furniture and electrical goods; to tobacco, alcohol and petrol, and the countries buzzes with international retail tourists throughout the year. There are a wide range of quality restaurants and bars at reasonable prices and skiing and alpine tourism facilities are of premier standard, with economy pricing.

  1. High living standard

Andorra has a very low unemployment rate despite the woes of neighbouring Spain and France and its small size and relative wealth has shielded it from the full brunt of the European Economic Crisis. It has high standard healthcare facilities and a diverse education system with elementary and secondary education available via French, Spanish, Catalan and International Schools. It is also one of the safest countries in Europe and the smallest to commute!

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