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Andorra Air Links – New Heliport In La’Vella & Airport At Le Seu d’Urgell, Spain

The Government of Andorra stepped up competition with Monaco today announcing an opening of the airspace above the national capital to helicopters to provide a shuttle service linking travellers from Barcelona to Andorra.

Monaco’s Heliport link to Nice Airport is world famous amongst the world’s high-net-worth families. Andorran national and high-wealth expat residents have long demanded improved helicopter links to Barcelona airport, but permissions have not been awarded until now. The Andorran government announced this week that they are providing the necessary air space and building permits. They also confirmed the construction of a new heliport in the heart of the capital Andorra La Vella.

Government spokesmen sighted the increasing demand for improved high speed communication links by high-net- worth residents as the major contributing factor for the new facilities. A contract has been awarded for the construction to a private sector company who successfully won a competitive tender for the contract. The build is scheduled to be completed this next year.

The services will include direct shuttle services to neighbouring towns and cities and are centrally located a few minutes away from the city’s commercial centre.

Flights are set to be priced very competitively and will include a direct transfer to Barcelona airports, the new airport in La Seu, and other airports nearby (including Toulouse). Direct flights to Barcelona will take approximately 20 minutes and provide a wonderful vista of the Pyrenees mountains for passengers.

In addition to the heliport announcement, a new international airport at nearby La Seu d’Urgell is to commence full operation in November 2012 and will be serviced from various airports in Spain and the UK with more connections to follow in 2013.

Both projects along with the continuing highway upgrades from Barcelona, are set to enhance access and connectivity to Andorra. The continued infrastructure investment is set to continue according to government sources.

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Andorra Air Links - New Heliport In La'Vella & Airport At Le Seu d’Urgell, Spain, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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