Andorra Expat


Age: 33

Year of arrival: 2006

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: British



I was raised and educated in the UK but soon left its shores for sunnier climes working in Egypt and Spain before taking over the family company in the UK after my father’s death. Since then I have grown the family commercial property company as well as set up a chain of London bars. I regularly dabble in various investments and start-ups, but I believe life is for living so I make sure there is a balance. I therefore manage the investments on as “hands off” basis as is practically possible. I try and balance things heavily towards enjoying life rather than chasing returns too hard.

What brought you to Andorra and where have you chosen to live?

In my case the question should be “what drove you away from your home country?” To which my answer would be: bad weather, lack of community, low quality of life in relation to cost of living and let’s be honest, excessive taxes. I initially considered Andorra as an alternative due to memories of a wonderful family ski holiday when I was eleven. With further research and visits it just ticked all the boxes, very low crime, low cost and high standard of living, proximity to Barcelona not to mention having a ski resort on your doorstep. I was guided to La Massana by my agent due to it being busy all year and being the expat melting pot. In retrospect, I am very happy with the advice. I really like the Massana area and community.

How was your moving experience and your first year here?

The residency and purchase process was a ‘breeze’ thanks to my agent. As for the actual moving of my stuff, I did it on my own with a UK rental van loaded with everything I owned. I remember coming up from France and having to turn around as there was too much snow and come in via Spain! The first year was fun, a lot of “slope action” and late nights. It took a little while to get to know the place but as you’d expect from such a small country, it doesn’t take too long and now it just feels like home to me.

What do you like about living in Andorra?

My top 3 likes about Andorra would have to be the safety, active outdoors lifestyle and of course, low taxes.

What is that you would like to see change Andorra or that could improve?

I’d like to see more young professional expats move here. I think it would make Andorra a more vibrant and exciting place to live. A few more cocktail bars perhaps with some heated terraces with a view wouldn’t hurt either.

Are you happy with your decision to live in Andorra and if so/not, why?

I love Andorra but it is not perfect. Where is, in fairness? I don’t think I could live anywhere for 12 months each year and I enjoy spending part of summer in Mallorca and my trips back to the UK to see friends and family. I haven’t moved away from Andorra as yet, and have no plans to. It has been pretty good so far so I hope it develops in a quality way so I can consider one day bringing up a family here.

Any other comments for the fans?

Andorra has much more to offer than just a Tax Haven. Get out of you house, climb a mountain, fly down one on skis or just go for a walk through Pyrenees and it’s beautiful valleys. I have lived there 6 year and I still find new things all the time. Its a great “activity” based country.

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  1. January 8, 2017

    My husband and I are considering moving to Andorra for part of the year for tax reasons.
    We are in our late 40’s and have a large villa in Mijas Pueblo Malaga Spain that we will be renting out for 3 months this summer and move to Andorra. We would appreciate any help you can give us
    we are looking for an apartment or house contemporary sunny and great views but in a lively village with skiing close by. we plan to rent this property out in the ski season and live there in the summer

    Which area would you suggest?
    Thanks for any help or advice

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    • admin January 10, 2017

      Many thanks for your message,

      Andorra has several good living options based on the information you have provided. I moved from Australia more than a decade ago and very much enjoy living in the small principality. It is safe, clean and peaceful and quite reasonably priced. The tax system is easy to follow and rates are very low.

      My personal recommendation for an apartment or house location would be La Massana. It is smaller than Andorra Vella, but only a 5 minute drive away and still has good access to shops, schools, direct connections to great ski areas that are generally not crowded. The town has a local feel and a variety of bars and restaurants with housing prices a little less than the capital. Other ski areas like Arinsal for example, attract far more tourists in summer and while it has a variety of food and entertainment options in winter, it lacks supermarkets and shopping options and is twice as far from the capital.

      If you would like more information about housing options, there are a variety of agencies that will be more than willing to oblige. I can put you in contact with the agent that provided me with great assistance when I first arrived if you would like. He would be able to give you personal advice on housing options, residency and any other matter relating to living in Andorra with no obligations at all.

      Best of luck with your move and please let me know if you would like to consider this option or if I can be of any further assistance.

      Best regards, Sam Sallis
      Andorra Expat

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