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World’s Best Tax Havens Names Andorra & Monaco “Best European Tax Havens” (Inc French Language)

“World’s Best Tax Havens” 2011 names Andorra and Monaco together as Europe’s best tax havens. Purley on a tax basis, Andorra were placed ahead of Monaco but as Monaco’s geography is better they were placed equal first. Andorra offers near zero taxes for residents as together with zero income and capital gains taxes Andorra offers zero rated inherritance tax and a 4.5% sales tax whereas Monaco does implement an inherritance tax as well as a 19.6% sales tax.

Here below an interview with the author, a Legal as well as Chartered Accountant Lee J Hadnum. Author of “World’s Best Tax Havens” as well as the “Wealth Protection Report”.

And here in French language:


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World's Best Tax Havens Names Andorra & Monaco "Best European Tax Havens" (Inc French Language), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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